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Beginning in 1985, Horseware of Ireland was a pioneer in the field of turnout rugs and blankets with the well-known Rambo Original. Today, Horseware is the most trusted name in horse blankets and is now a leader in products for horses, dogs and people. The Micklem bridle and Ice-Vibe system were the next innovative breakthroughs for this well-respected company.

The Rambo blanket line was the original product for Horseware and is still a bestseller. The Wug design includes a high neck to eliminate pressure points and prevent rubbing. Rambo materials are the most durable and indestructible on the market with 1000D ballistic nylon – the same material military flack jackets were originally created from. Rambo blankets are rugged and warm with exceptional breathability for comfort. No more overheated miserable horses during unseasonable weather. The Rambo Micklem bridle is designed to carefully fit the horse’s skull and eliminates pressure points on his delicate nose and poll. This multi-functional unique bridle can also be used as a lunge cavesson or bitless bridle. The system is completely comfortable for the horse and fully adjustable to provide maximum control with incredible comfort and correct positioning. The Rambo line also includes half pads for correct saddle position and comfort as well as dog beds, lead ropes and other accessories. The Rambo line is all about impeccable quality and style with superior functionality.

Ice-Vibe boots are a cutting-edge system to help repair and heal tired, sore legs after strenuous work. This unique design allows the leg to be wrapped in an ice pack and then gently stimulated with a battery-operated vibration to encourage blood flow and healing. The boots help stimulate circulation and reduce swelling and inflammation that can occur when muscles are overused and overstressed. Using the Ice-Vibe system prior to work can even reduce the risk of injury by increasing blood flow and helping to warm up the tendons and muscles before serious exercise. This system makes it easy and convenient to cool your horse’s legs down and eliminates the need for cold hosing to the cannon bone area. Hock wraps are also available to speed recovery of this area of common pain and discomfort.

The Rhino and Amigo lines now join the collection and there is a style, weight and design to appeal to every buyer. Blue and black are still the most popular colors of these durable, high quality blankets. Many styles are available in turnout blankets, stable sheets, fleece rugs, walker rugs, hoods and blanket liners. Rhino blankets include a high-cut neckline similar to the original Rambo and are offered in plaids and other stylish patterns. The Amigo line includes stunning bridles and halters as well as dog clothing and beds. The traditional style of a classically-cut neckline is seen in the Amigo line of blankets and sheets. Sharp color combinations and the superior quality you expect from Horseware is evident in the Amigo line. Amigo offers protective shipping boots for travel and lovely stripes and color combinations for all of the products in this line. The stunning halters and bridles of this collection will accent your horse’s head with optimal quality and function.

Horseware offers clothing such as jackets and vests as well as breeches and apparel for men, women and children. Dog beds and blankets complete the collection and are great to pair with the colors and styles of your favorite horse’s wardrobe. The exceptional quality workmanship of Horseware products is unmatched and will withstand the rigors of horseplay while maintaining stunning good looks.