Horseware Ice-Vibe Boots

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Black/Aqua Blue Horseware Ice-Vibe Boots
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The high-quality Ice-Vibe boots from Horseware have a massage effect, which improves the flow in the lymphatic system. Stimulation can treat inflammation and existing problems of the tendon apparatus, as well as healing damaged tissue.
The boots improve the healing process thanks to the vibration panels, at the same time they minimize the risk of injury and protected tendons and ligaments are more elastic. Daily wear and tear on the joints can be reduced with the use of the boots and recovery can be brought about more quickly.

At the same time, the improved blood circulation leads to more elasticity and suppleness of the tendons and ligaments. The boots are used without a cool pack before training. The beneficial vibration warms the tendons of the legs and prepares the horse's legs for the next training session.
After training, the cold packs provide a cooling effect, which also has an anti-inflammatory effect.


  • Reduce pain and swelling
  • Help to stimulate the circulation and blood circulation
  • Prevent injuries
  • Support regeneration and the healing process
  • Can be used for front and rear legs
  • Easy to use
  • Cool packs with gel beads offer the perfect fit
  • Warm tendons and ligaments from stress
  • Reduce the risk of injury

Technical description:

Each pack contains two ICE-VIBE boots, two cold packs, two vibrating panels, two batteries, one battery charger and three adapters for universal use.

Washing instructions:

washable at 30 degrees without electronic parts.

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